Why AP called Vermont GOP Primary for Haley, several contests for Trump – Race calls explained

 Why AP called GOP primaries for Trump

The Associated Press declared former President Donald Trump as the winner in several Republican presidential primaries held on Super Tuesday. The initial vote results showed that former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley had no chance of surpassing Trump. ” Why AP called GOP primaries for Trump”

In North Carolina, Trump won with a significant lead over Haley, getting three or four times more votes. The victory was declared 30 minutes after polls closed, and Trump had substantial leads in different parts of the state.

In Oklahoma, where polls closed at 8 p.m. EST, Trump was declared the winner at 8:16 p.m. EST with a substantial lead over Haley. He led in every region, spanning from heavily Democratic to heavily Republican areas.

In Tennessee, Trump was declared the winner at 8:08 p.m. EST, just eight minutes after polls closed. Trump had over four times the number of votes compared to Haley, winning with big margins in central, eastern, and western Tennessee.

 Why AP called GOP primaries for Trump
Why AP called GOP primaries for Trump

 Why AP called GOP primaries for Trump

Earlier, Trump won Virginia, his first Super Tuesday victory, with nearly a two-to-one lead over Haley. He dominated most of the state, except in the heavily Democratic suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Despite Super Tuesday having 16 states and American Samoa participating, Trump needed to win about 90% of the nearly 1,100 delegates at stake to secure the nomination by March 12. The results showed Trump’s consistent wide-margin victories over Haley in previous contests, except for a narrower 11-point win in New Hampshire.

In summary, Super Tuesday, with over 70% of the needed delegates, played a crucial role in deciding the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations. The analysis by the Associated Press indicated that Trump’s lead over Haley was insurmountable based on the initial vote results.

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